CEMAGREF/IRSTEA (France) develops together with other FRISBEE partners the refrigeration model predictive control that optimises energy consumption, operating cost and food quality.

This is a powerful tool to optimize the operation of the refrigeration systems encountered in the food cold chain. It is based on a very simple methodology: if you manage to know the future, or at least to guess what is probably going to happen, then you can start preparing for it in the best way.

Imagine you manage a refrigeration unit with a cold storage tank that maintains the temperature of a warehouse at -20 °C. On the one hand, the weather forecast allows you to compute the heat losses.

On the other hand you can estimate the thermal load associated with the shipment you expect to receive. Therefore you can have a fairly good idea of the total amount of energy needed for the next 24 hours.

If you operate air-cooled condensers, you can, with the help of the weather forecast, optimize their efficiency by turning them on at the coldest hours and storing the produced cold in the cold tank. As a result, you have minimised the amount of energy consumed and optimise the quality of your products by maintaining appropriate conditions.

Predictive Control by CEMAGREF - IRSTEA (Fr)

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