Camfridge Ltd (UK) develops Disruptive Technology: Magnetic refrigeration inside the FRISBEE project. Magnetic refrigeration is being developed as a gas-free and high-efficiency green technology, and will enable the next generation of low energy appliances.

Magnetic refrigeration utilises magnetic fields and optimised iron-based metal alloys to create a cooling cycle. Although the refrigerant is a solid the cooling cycle is conceptually similar to the expansion of the compression of a refrigerant gas, but in magnetic cooling the “gas” is the electrons inside the solid.

The key challenge has been to scale the size of a magnetic cooling system down to being comparable to the gas compressor. The figure below shows the most recent magnetic system developed at Camfridge LTD next to the gas compressor it is designed to replace.

For the first time the magnetic solution is now comparable in terms of size and weight to the gas compressor. An integrated appliance will be showcased at the 2012 London Olympics with Whirlpool Corporation. Future development will focus on further improving reliability, optimizing operational efficiency and expanding the supply chain.

Magnetic cooling system developed by Camfrigde Ltd (UK)

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