The Spanish Research Center CSIC in the FP7 FRISBEE project has succeeded in introducing nanobiostructured PCMs (Phase Change Materials) into renewable materials or onto surfaces by a proprietary process (patent application number 201131063).
These nano-structured composites show in the Figure (a) will make it possible to store more efficiently a large amount of energy thanks to the high surface volume ratio and dispersion of the PCM.
We have selected several PCM materials based on suitable melting temperatures for thermal energy storage according to the refrigeration equipment.
The PCM nanoparticles were characterised in terms of loading capacity, sealing capacity as well as kinetic diffusion as a function of the range of temperatures covered by the nanostructured PCM particles from 5°C to -18°C).
The results are very encouraging and the CSIC has already succeeded in achieving an encapsulation efficiency of the PCM of around 60-70% depending on the system.

Figure (a). Nano-structured composite PCMs (Phase Change Materials)

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