The first European Cold Chain Database built on a web based platform is released and continues to grow. The developed FRISBEE Cold Chain Database offers the potential to identify and consequently manage and improve cold chain weak links. More than 6000 time temperature profiles contributed by more than 105 data providers cover refrigerated and frozen foods. It is dynamically growing at an average of 500 data files per month due to a continuing active contribution from FRISBEE consortium members and third parties!

In conjunction with Cold Chain Database, the Cold Chain Predictor Software has been developed.

The building blocks of the software are (a) the time-temperature records consisting the Cold Chain Database and (b) available quality and shelf life data (from peer reviewed articles in scientific journals). The Cold Chain Predictor Software has been developed to:

a. Predict the time temperature profile of specific food products along the cold chain

b. Predict the product quality status, in terms of shelf life, at different stages of the cold chain

FRISBEE Cold Chain Database and Cold Chain Predictor Software available at


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