50 000 industrial stakeholders contacted

The first phase of the project involved taking stock of the cold chain in Europe. Over 50 000 industrial stakeholders were contacted and invited to contribute time-temperature data on their products along with data on the technology employed.
Please feel free to add your data to the Cold Chain Database using the software incorporated in the database. (Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). By taking part in data collection, you will have exclusive access to certain data in the database.
Surveys have also been conducted in order to grasp industrial stakeholders’ needs and to gain an insight into consumer expectations.
The data will then be analysed in order to develop mathematical models integrating product-quality criteria as well as environmental and economic aspects.

The first patent

Thanks to these models, several innovative technologies have been assessed. One type of technology is being patented within the framework of the Frisbee project; it involves the use of nano-biostructured phase-change materials (PCMs) to store energy, with the PCMs mounted in or on surfaces that can be readily integrated into existing refrigeration equipment. Advanced regulation enabling optimization of the energy consumption of plants is also being investigated.

Development of new technologies

Simultaneously, certain partners are working on breakthrough technologies such as magnetic refrigeration. This emerging technology developed within the framework of the Frisbee project has been patented and will enter a pilot phase.

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