Until now the main effort for dissemination activities has consisted in raising awareness about FRISBEE and starting to communicate the first results mainly to researchers and industry.
About 10 scientific publications, 2  workshops targeting scientists, 3 workshops targeting industry, 6 mini-conferences targeting industry, more than 100 events in which information on FRISBEE was available and 4 newsletters are representing the main outcomes of the dissemination effort provided until now.

For the future, dissemination effort will be targeting also retailers as well as consumer’s awareness.  The website is very easy to use for access to the main results and events.

The Virtual Platform application, developed within the context of dissemination work package, constitutes a ground-breaking development in the FRISBEE project, not only a dissemination facility but actually a powerful tool for exploitation of the project results.

The basic idea is the collection of the results which would be presented on a unified Web platform, accessible both from researchers and industrials in an interactive and collaborative form. The prototype and proof of concept of the industrial part of the Virtual Platform  opened the way to a potential new framework for effective exploitation of the scientific results under progress in the project.

The industrial part of the platform will host all tools, models and software which allows end-users to compare and evaluate their refrigeration technologies against benchmarked data and to identify how to reduce energy whilst maintaining food quality and safety.

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