Literature review and experimental data of chilled and frozen meat quality and safety models

The objective of WP3 is the establishment of QEEAT tools for evaluation of quality, energy consumption and environmental impact of refrigeration technologies. The objective of this work package is also to provide evaluation tools (sensors, equipment, software, protocols and methodologies) to assess and improve existing refrigeration technologies and emerging new technologies and concepts which will be addressed in further work packages, with respect to energy efficiency, quality of refrigerated foods and sustainability based on the framework developed in WP2 and for the selected refrigerated foods. Subtask 3.2.4. is concerning by safety and quality modeling. The quality and safety attributes of selected products considered were identified in this subtask (DOW FRISBEE). The accompanying description in the DOW is as follows: ―NTUA, KUL, SINTEF and ACTIA (via its third parties AERIAL and ADRIA) will compile existing microbiological and quality kinetic models and data related with their food product(s) under chilled, superchilled and/or frozen conditions, as listed in Table 1. The compilation will include an extended literature search and, with respect to microbiological safety issues for the food products under consideration, the careful exploitation of the public domain microbial data and model [...]

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