Literature review and experimental data of chilled, superchilled/supercooled fish quality and safety models

The general quality concept for fish products has not been very well defined over the years. In general, the definition of fish quality has been "What is acceptable for the customer and what they are willing to pay for". High quality has normally been defined as"when the appearance, the smell, the taste and composition of the fish are equal to and normal for fresh slaughtered fish".

The accompanying description in the DOW is as follows; "The quality and safety attributes of the selected products to be considered in this subtask are presented in Table 1." For chilled / superchilled and supercooled salmon this is measurements of texture and specific spoilage organisms. "The following steps are undertaken for each food product. SINTEF will compile existing microbiological and quality kinetic models and data related with salmon under chilled and superchilled conditions. The compilation will include an extended literature search and, with respect to microbiological safety issues for the food products under consideration, the careful exploitation of the public domain microbial data and model based ComBase and the commercial predictive environment Sym'Previus".

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