Database of consumer awareness, expectations and concerns on cold chain

This deliverable is included in the Task 2.3 of the DoW concerning the study of consumer needs and expectations from the food cold chain lead by the CNRS in this task consumer needs and expectation studies will be carried out with respect to food safety and quality, energy efficiency, sustainability and social issues related to the European refrigerated foods sector.

The first step was to obtain national legal and ethical agreements for the surveys. We have indicated clearly on how the project meets the national legal and ethical requirements of the country where the research is performed. Before starting any survey, we have obtained all the national legal ethical requirements the necessary to obtain data fairly and lawfully processed. All the legal requirements have been provided to the Commission before starting the surveys. CNRS has submitted the required authorisations for all countries involved in the study in the deliverable D.2.3.1.

The second step consisted to prepare the questionnaires and material for studies of consumer perspectives and attitudes towards refrigerated foods, cold chain and relevant technologies.

The third step consisted in performing the survey and gathering the results in a database. This task is now over.

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