The Objectives of creating a project identity are to provide the partners of the FRISBEE project with communication framework and tools allowing them to:

  • Ensure the exploitation of the project results by disseminating the main innovative research results to consumers, industry, academia and policy makers involved in the refrigeration and food sector.
  • Raise awareness of the project to a larger public audience such as Food Industrial Associations and Energy Agencies, Consumers’ Associations and Regulations Authorities.
  • Engage consumers in order to educate them on the knowledge and practices surrounding refrigeration. Share new and emerging technologies with them allowing them to envision with us a future of better refrigeration.

The project visual identity (logo and all graphic components) as well as the following communication tools have been created by ITP nv.

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Leaflet
  • Poster
  • Website

Those communication tools have already been used in fairs and exhibitions in which FRISBEE partners were present.

leaflet poster
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